Welcome to SAHOJOGI

SAHOJOGI has passed another colorful year of activities during 2010-2011. We convey our heartfelt thanks to all who cooperated with us for fulfillment of our plan and programmes.

The company is mainly organized and oriented for the welfare of target groups belonging to most distressed communities through promotional cultural, economic and all round development. The women folk of the SC/ST, and other backward communities are deprive from all shorts of basic needs. They are neglected in all sphere of life such as education, healthcare, economic, social, cultural, political and administrative fields. They survive amidst gender discrimination, exploitation, atrocities and violence. There representation of nation building activities are far below expected level. If they are not placed in the society with dignity and honor no nation can prosper. We are committed to lunch different movements for spread of education, health service sustainable economic empowerment, establishment of political rights, access to administration as decision taking authority leadership and entrepreneurship development so that the people can cater their problems being enriched with self esteem and confidence.

We extend our deep gratitude to all the departments of Govt. of India and Govt. of West Bengal, and foreign funding Instution for their constant co-operation and assistance, In conclusion, we assure you all that we shall ever remain committed to extend our effort and co-operation for sustainable development of the deserving people. By our different projects various parts of north east region.

Company News

  • Mission

    “We intent to improve the economic condition of people through local resources with exemplary services”...

  • Vission

    “To become the most preferred, sustainable institution of North Bengal and adjacent areas by 2014”...